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Cask Days is excited to offer a variety of bus and festival ticket packages for attendees living outside of Toronto. Check out all the packages below. 

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If I have any questions re Cask Days while on the bus?

Cask Days has hired a trusted third party for our bus services. They can provide you with information regarding timing but would be unable to answer questions about the festival. Please email any questions regarding the festival and bus transportation to before your departure.

What do I need to arrive to board the bus?

Please arrive minimum 20 minutes before your departure time. The driver will be at your departure location 15 minutes before the scheduled departure. These times are firm, and drivers will not wait nor will any attempt be made to contact passengers not present.

What happens if I miss my bus?

We, unfortunately, cannot refund tickets for any missed buses (to or from). If you can get to the festival, your ticket for your Session will be accepted and you will have a spot on the return trip home.

What happens if the bus arrives late to Cask Days?

The trusted Carrier we have chosen to work with has taken the proper precautions to develop itineraries that will account for any potential delays, get you to the festival on time, and make the most of your experience.

Unfortunately, we cannot account for extreme weather, accidents, unexpected traffic or acts of God and do not issue refunds. See our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Is there a washroom on the bus?

Trips shorter than 5 hours do not have a washroom on board, but we have arranged for one pit stop along the way. The Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto charter bus does have a restroom on board.

Is my bus ticket refundable?

Tickets are exchangeable but non-refundable.

Can I bring or consume alcohol on the bus?

No. Consuming alcohol on buses is illegal in Ontario and will not be permitted. The driver reserves the right to stop the bus at any point, without reimbursement, should any passenger attempt to bring alcohol/consume alcohol on the bus.

What is the baggage policy?

For same day return, passengers are permitted to bring one small carry-on bag (backpack). For any two-day trips, passengers are allowed to bring one medium-sized suitcase.

Why is the bus scheduled so early?

Buses were scheduled this way to avoid any potential delays, bring you to the festival on time for First Access and make the most of your Cask Days experience.

Do I need to present my bus ticket?

Yes. Any passenger who presents themselves without a valid Cask Days bus ticket will not be permitted to travel. You will then need to present your Cask Days Session ticket at the registration booth upon arrival at the festival.

Please see our festival FAQ for more information.